Grilled Cheese Party on Oh Happy Day!

Grilled Cheese Party

Grilled cheese party! Grilled cheese heaven? The greatest party of your life?  Work has kept me out of the kitchen a lot lately, so I made up for lost time by creating some grilled cheese sandwich recipes for a Grilled Cheese Party with Oh Happy Day. These grilled cheese sandwiches are a little fancy and all dressed up for a grown-up party.

My brother Roger has a lot of strong feelings about sandwiches, and often shares his deep sandwich philosophy with the world. He taught me that “grilled cheese” means the sandwich is mostly if not all melty cheese, and if it has a bunch of other stuff in it (like meats or vegetables) then it has become a panini. He makes a good point, and I would have to agree. In that spirit you will find that the sandwich recipes themselves are all just really good cheese (if you have not tried using brie for a grilled cheese sandwich, prepare to be amazed), but with some fun stuff you can use as a dip or topping.

I can’t pick a favorite, as it was already difficult enough to narrow it down to only four for the party. But I think that the camembert with strawberries and balsamic vinegar is going to become a staple around here once strawberry season gets into full swing, and the jalapeño and bacon one is what dreams are made of (try adding some shredded cheddar, too).

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Photos by Ashley Batz for Oh Happy Day.

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