Kentucky Derby 2017 Horse Cards

Kentucky Derby 2015 Horse CardsOnce again I am mortified that the last time I posted anything on this blog was a year ago for the horse cards for last year’s Kentucky Derby. But thank you for all the interest and for all your requests for 2017 cards!

The history: A few years ago for my Kentucky Derby party I designed these cute printable cards with info about each of the horses. They’ve become a bit of a tradition around here, so by popular demand, they are back for 2017!

Kentucky Derby 2017 Horse Cards (pdf – click here and then “download” on the next page) – posted Thursday, 5/4/17 at 8:10am PDT.


These contain information as currently available, if there are any major changes I may make updates and re-post here later in the week. Note that frequently a few horses are scratched and do not compete, so check the lineup before the race and discard any that are not competing.

I recommend printing them on heavy card stock and use a straight edge and x-acto knife to trim at the crop marks. Have a great Derby, everyone!

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